Vladimir Ivanković

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Born: 27/04/1972
Team: Flying foxes Vienna
Nationality: Croatian

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25 years successful experience in basketball (women and men) at different levels (from basketball school to Euroleague);
- participation in European Cups (Eurocup W, Euroleague W) , Adriatic league (MZRKL), Middle European League (MEL) and Central European Women’s league (CEWL)
- over 85 club’s international games,
- career overall (as professional-senior coach) 218-103 (67,91%)


FIBA COACH’S LICENCE (number 2014501559)

- In 7 seasons reached 6 times F4 of national cup (3x winner, 1x silver), once as a coach of 2nd division team;
- in 3 appereances of regional leagues (Adriatic, Middle European, Central European) 2 times brought his team to F4 (MEL 2014, Novi Zagreb, CEWL 2016 Flying foxes)

Previous teams

2015-16 - head coach Flying Foxes SVS Post Vienna, Eurocup qual., 14-0 ASWBL – regular season champion; Final four ASWBL 2-0 – ASWBL champion; CEWL 2016 finalist (2nd place), the best defensive team (61 ppg) CEWL; Austrian cup champion
2014-15 – head coach Chemcats Chemnitz (the youngest team in the league, 21,6 years average), 1. DBBL, final 8 of German Cup (second best in club’s history)

2014- named head coach Croatian National Women’s Team

2014 - head coach WBC Novi Zagreb – Croatian cup champion; Croatian league champion (score 19-1); final four Middle European League; Euroleague women

2013 - head coach WBC Novi Zagreb – Croatian champion, Croatian cup champion; Croatian league runner-up (score 21-1); Euroleague women; named the best coach in Croatia (according to Croatian coach’s association and www.eurobasket.com);

2012 - head coach WBC Novi Zagreb – Croatian cup finalist; Croatian league runner-up (score 18-2), named the best coach in Croatia (according to www.eurobasket.com);
2011 - head coach WBC Novi Zagreb – Croatian cup semi-finalist; Croatian league third place; 6th place Adriatic league, Eurocup women 2nd stage (eliminated from the later finalist, Chevakata Vologda),

2010 - head coach WBC Novi Zagreb – Croatian 2nd division champion (score 22-0), Croatian cup semi-finalist (the first and only 2nd division team in history of Croatian who reached Croatian Cup F4 tournament);
2006-2009 – WBC Novi Zagreb – team manager, club organization etc.
2005 – U16 coach in WBC Novi Zagreb, reached F8 of U16 championship
2004 – head coach WBC Zagreb – Zagreb – Croatian 2nd division 3rd place (score 9-3)

2003 – head coach WBC Agram – Zagreb – Croatian 2nd division 3rd place (score 10-2)

2002 – head coach WBC Jabuka – Zapresic – Croatian 2nd division runner-up (score 25-5), reached 1st division

2000 – U16 coach WBC Jabuka – Zapresic – F8 of Croatian U16 championship, 5th place)

1999 – basketball school coach WBC Jabuka Zapresic, 2ndplace in Croatia

1998 - basketball school coach WBC Jabuka Zapresic, 3rd place in Croatia
1997 - basketball school coach WBC Jabuka Zapresic, 2nd place in Croatia

1996 – assistant coach KK Medvescak – Zagreb (men) – 2nd division, head coach U16 team BC Medvescak Zagreb
1995 – U18 coach WBC Lokomotiva Zagreb – F8 of Croatian championship

1994 – U16 assistant coach WBC Montmontaza Zagreb – Croatian champion U16
1994 – Croatian U16 assistant coach at 2 preparation tournaments in Hungary
1993 – U16 coach WBC Medvescak Zagreb – winner of 2nd league U16, winner of F8 qualifications, finally reached 6th place in Croatia on F8 tournament
1992 – assistant coach BC Knezija – Zagreb (men) – 3rd division


Croatian Cup Winner – 2013, 2014
Croatian Champion – 2013
Croatian 2nd division champion 2010
Austrian Cup Winner – 2016
Austrian-Slovakian Champion – 2016
CEWL 2nd place - 2016
The best Croatian coach – 2012, 2013
Croatian champion U16 as assist. coach - 1994, 2012, 2013
Croatian finalist U18 as assist. coach - 2013, 2014