Great performances of our clients in SIO Cup Szekszard!19. septembar 2017.

 Great performances of our clients in SIO Cup Szekszard!
In pre-season, SIO Cup in Szekszard was played this weekend, where 4 teams were participated. Atomeromu (Hungary), Sepsi SIC (Romania), PINKK-Pecsi 424 (Hungary) and Celje (Slovenia).

Our client - coach Jens Tillman was preparing his players for coming season. PINKK-Pecsi took, after winning against Celje from Slovenia. They played very tough game day before, with strong team Sepsi SIC, where Olena Samburska had amazing game, scoring 20 points for PINKK-Pecsi and Tina Jakovina has contributed with 6 points.

Our client, coach Zoran Mikeš, even Sepsi SIC lost in finals, continues to fascinate with coaching skills, announcing another good season. Ružica Džankić has showed that Mikeš can count on her, averaged 11 points on this tournament.

Winner of this tournament was Atomeromu Szekszard, playing finals with Sepsi SIC. Our client Sara Krnjić has already took all fans sympathies, even before the season has start! In the both game, Sara scored significant 14 points!

This season will be very interesting, so follow us and enjoy..